Smooth Jazz Guitarist sophomore CD with Special Guest; Evelyn “Champagne” King, Najee, Walter Beasley, Michael Lington, Nelson Rangell, Luis Conte, Alex Al, Michael White, Michael Broening, Mel Brown, ect…

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1. Southern Ways (feat. Nelson Rangell)
2. Feelin’ It (feat. Najee)
3. Day Dreamin’ (feat. Michael Lington)
4. No U Turn
5. Still Lovin’ You
6. Cruise Control
7. Happy Feelin’s (feat. Evelyn “Champagne” King)
8. So Much Love
9. Thank You
10. Smooth (feat. Walter Beasley)
11. Just 4 U
I’m a Smooth Jazz Guitarist. My first debut CD was out in 2003 and it went Chartbound on the for 10 weeks. I’ve been a side man for years and now it’s time for me to step out once again. You’ve heard me on the Number 1 single Billboard & and Grammy winning song “Morning” with George Benson & Al Jarreau “Givin’ It Up” CD and also on the single “Ordinary People”. I’m on Marion Meadows CD “Dressed To Chill” (6 on & 4 on Billboard), I play on 8 songs “Dress To Chill” guitar rhythm & solo, “Remember Me”-rhythm guitar, “Dance With My Daughter”, “Miss Know It All”, “Bounce”, “Just My Style”, “1000 Dreams”, “To Love Her”. I’m playing Flugelhorn and guitar on “Coco Flow” too! I’m also on Marion Meadow’s “Players Club”- rhythm & solo on that tune, “Sweet Grapes”, “Suede”, “Diggable”-rhythm & solo, “Step A Little Closer” -rhythm & solo, “Deska”-rhythm guitar, “After 6″. I’ve now finished my second CD called “Feelin’ It”. I have Nelson Rangell on sax, Najee on sax, Walter Beasley on sax, Michael Lington on sax, Luis Conte on percussion, and my wife Evelyn “Champagne” King on lead vocals on “Happy Feelings”!, Alex Al on bass, Mel Brown on bass, Michael White on drums, Michael Broening ..s, and also produced and co-wrote two songs (“Stilll Lovin’ You” and “No U Turn”, etc… Darren Rahn mixed one song “Just 4 U” co-written with Preston Glass. So I’m back for my second time around! Calling me a new-comer or undiscovered would be an egregious mistake. I’m born in Tennessee, Berklee College Of Music educated, So Cal bred (at least for the past 20 years)… Tours with names you know (Atlantic Starr, Jennifer Holliday, Vesta Williams, Eric Benet, Rose Royce, Sheila E, and my wife, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Michel Polnareff (France), Michael Lington) and albums from equally famous folk (Walter Beasley, Warren Hill, Curtis Stigers, Najee, Michael Lington, Marion Meadows, Evelyn “Champagne” King, George Benson). None of this would mean a thing, though, if my new project weren’t such an outstanding sophomore effort. These days it takes something special to really perk up our ears here in SmoothJazzland. And I’ve delivered just that! Fact is, I get it! I know what works for Smooth Jazz right now. This one’s a slam dunk, one fashionable track right after the other. So what’s left? You must hear it! * See it * Experience ” Freddie Fox” the gentle southern man.