Feelin' It

Feelin’ It

Smooth Jazz Guitarist sophomore CD with Special Guest; Evelyn “Champagne” King, Najee, Walter Beasley, Michael Lington, Nelson Rangell, Luis Conte, Alex Al, Michael White, Michael …

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  1. Day Dreamin'-feat ML
  2. Feelin' It-feat Najee
  3. HappyFeelings-featECK
  4. Still Lovin' You
  5. Cruise Control
Freddie Fox

Freddie Fox

Smooth Jazz Guitarist debut CD with Special Guest; Evelyn “Champagne” King, Gerald Albright, Michael White, Ronnie Foster, Alex Al, Larry Kimpel, ect… Purchase Album from …

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  1. ChampagneTonight
  2. FromTheHeart
  3. My House
  4. Sensual
  5. Strawberry