1534 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks,CA. 91360

BORN : Tullahoma,Tennessee/Now Residing in California for @ 30 yrs.

MUSIC STYLES : Funk, R & B, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, Ect………….


OTHER INSTRUMENTS : Trumpet, Flugel Horn, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals

TOURS : “Jennifer Holliday” 1989 Arista Records
“Vesta Williams” 1989 A & M Records
“By All Means” 1990 Island Records
“Atlantic Starr” 1992 Reprise Records/ Warner Brothers
“Marilyn McCoo” 1992 Warner Brothers Records
“Atlantic Starr” 1993 Reprise Records
“Atlantic Starr” World Tour 1994-1995 (Arista Records)
“Ottis Day And The Knights” 1997
“Eric Bene’t 1997-2002 (Warner Brothers)
“Rose Royce” 1996-2006 (CAS Records)
“Evelyn “Champagne” King 1993-2005 (Expansion Records)
“Shelia E.” 2000
“CeCe Penison” 2000
“Jarvis Church” 2002 (Warner Brothers Records)
“Michel Polnareff” 2007
“Evelyn “Champagne” King 2012

LOCALS GIGS : “Miki Howard”
“New Birth”.
Gospel Recording Artist “Helen Baylor”yr.2001
“Michael Lington” Samson Records 2001

T.V. SHOWS : “Pat SaJak Show” (Vesta Williams) 1990,
“The Arsenio Hall Show (Atlantic Starr) June 25,1992,
“Jerry Lewis” M.D.A. Telethon, Sept. 6, 1992 (Atlantic Starr)
Sinbad “Soul Music Festival Summer Jam Part III(HBO) with
(Evelyn “Champagne” King) 1997, The “Vibe” Show
(Eric Bene’t) August 21,1997 with Shela E. on drums,
“Soul Train” (Eric Bene’t) Dec 6,1997, The “Vibe” Show
host (Sinbad) (Evelyn “Champagne” King) January 23,1998,
“The Vibe Show” host (Sinbad) with “Rose Royce” March
3rd.,1998, “Motown Live Show” with Evelyn “Champagne”
King 1999, “Soul Train” with “Eric Bene’t” June 19,1999
“Eric Bene’t” (second Lp.) “Soul Train” 1999, “The Later
Show” with “Eric Bene’t” 1999, “Queen Latefa Show” with
“Eric Bene’t” 1999, “The Apollo Live Show” with
“Eric Bene’t” 1999, “For Your Love” with “Eric Bene’t”1999,
2000, “BET Jazz” Eric Bene’t 2000, “NAACP Image Award”
2000 “with Eric Bene’t”, “Tonight Show” Jay Leno
with Eric Bene’t 2000,

ALBUMS : “Harvard Divinity School Jubilee” 1985 (Magic Records)
“Walter Beasley” 1988 “I’m So Happy” (Polygram Records) &nbs p;
“Walter Beasley”1989 “Just Kickin It” (Polygram Records)
“MC Skat Kat & The Stray Mob”/Paula Abdul 1991 ( Captive/
Virgin Records
“Chester Thompson” 1992 (Blue Moon/Moo Records)
(Drums for Phil Collins “Genesis”)
“Peewee & Michiko Hill” 1992 (Tokuma Records)
“Greg Walker” 1992 (Taylor Made Records)
“Lady Soul” 1992 (Hollywood Records)
“Teagle Family” 1992 (Praise Records)
“Jane Fonda” Lower Body Solution (workout video tape)
“Clay Crosse” 1994 (Reunion Records)
“Kathy Troccoli” 1994 (RCA/Reunion Records)
“Atlantic Starr” 1994 (Arista Records)
“Warren Hill” 1994 (BMG/RCA Records)
“London Beat” 1995 (MCA Records)
“Phunke Assfalt” 1995 (Avenue Records)
“Clay Crosse” 1995 (Reunion Records)
“Church Of Rhythm” 1995 (Reunion Records)
“Evelyn “Champagne” King” 1995 (Expansion Records)
“REIJU KU” 1995 (Sony Records)
“Curtis Stigers” 1995 (Arista Records)
“Elisa Fiorillo” 1997 (A&M Records)
“Valerie King” 1997 (Sapphire Records)
“Rose Royce” 1997 (CAS Records)
“Della Reese” (Double CD 2000)
“Najee” 2000 (Verve Forecast)
“Michael Lington” 2001 (Samson Records)
“Reggie C. Young” 2003
“Freddie Fox” (2003) Foxhole Records Inc.
“Ellis Hall” (2004)
“Marion Meadows “Player’s Club” (2004) Heads Up International Records
“Marion Meadows” Dress To Chill (2006) Heads Up International Records
“George Benson & Al Jarreau “Givin’ It Up”(2006) Concord Records
“Jay Soto” Stay Awhile” (2007)
“Cab” Theatre De Marionnettes” (2008)
“Evelyn “Champagne” King” The Dance” (2008)
“Tim Bowman” Tim Bowman” (2008)
“Cindy Bradley” Bloom” (2009)
“Marion Meadows” Secrets” (2009)
“Jaared” Manhattan Night” (2010)
“Althea Rene” No Restrictions” (2011)
“Neamen Lyles” So Freee” (2011)
“Cindy Bradley” Unscripted” (2011)

STUDIED : “ Berklee College Of Music” in Boston Mass. for 4yrs. Diploma
Private lesson with “Buzzy Feiten”,“Rick Zunigar”,“Ted Greene”.

COLLABORATING WRITERS : “Evelyn “Champagne” King “,Tony Haynes
(Polygram/Island Publishing Co.),
T.C. Campbell,Preston Glass, Michael Broening

PUBLISHING : “Foxman Music” (BMI)

ENDORSEMENTS : Dean Markley Strings, Indie Guitars, Big Fish Audio

MOVIE & SOUND TRACKS : “90210” regular series 1994,1995 yr.

VIDEOS : “O JAY’S” 1991/”Emotionally Yours”, “Eric Bene’t”
“When You Think Of Me” 2000 Warner Brother Records

ROAD MANAGER: Evelyn “Champagne” King 1993 -2012

IDOLS : Eddie Hazel,George Benson,Jimmy Hendrix,Steve Lukather,Paul
Jackson Jr., Michael Laundau, Dan Huff, etc………